"You don't have to be a vegan to love this place!  "Better than eggs" is really better than eggs, try it in sandwich form. In addition to many Vegan choices, they also have three fish options ... if you eat fish, try their Jamaican Ackee fish. I tried their smoothie and it was the best I've had in yearsPrice is reasonable. Service is friendly.  Be sure to give it time. Takes about 15 minutes to prepare food because they start everything from scratch." Kasem W. from Boston, MA

"Hands down my favorite place to eat on HHI! The food is beyond incredible (I'm straight up *hooked* on the MoBay Curry Bowl), and the owners are amazing, so warm and friendly every time I come in. I told them that if I could cook dishes like those that appear on their menu, surely I could sway my carnivorous hubby to become a vegan! One time I ordered takeout and brought it to a hair appointment and the intoxicating smell of the food stirred up quite the conversation. I'm not the only one who's in love with this place!" Jacqueline S. from Berkley, M

"From the delicious and healthy food, to the attention to service, to the value, to the ease of parking, to the smiles on everyone's faces, I LOVE Pure.  Pickup a to-go fresh pack from the fridge if you're in a hurry, or only have a 30-minute lunch break - everything is made to order.  Even going twice a week I still have not had a smoothie....I am hooked on the vegan "egg" and "chicken" salads, bowls, jackfruit sandwiches, mac & cheese, and fresh-made ginger beer!  I'll get around to a smoothie one of these days!  It's a great place to hang out and relax, and feel GOOD about what you're eating.: Deborah A. from Hilton Head Island, SC

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